Front Desk/Doggie Daycamp Pet Care Pro

We are a small doggie daycare and boarding facility. We are looking for an energetic dog lover to join our team.

This job is a front desk position and a daycare staff position (shift responsibilities are split between the two roles). Therefore, we are looking for someone who is great at customer service- in person, on the phone, and on email who also loves spending time with and caring for dogs.

The job involves all aspects of boarding care. Our associates are responsible for everything from the safety of the dogs in a group play environment to cleaning and feeding. This position will keep you busy and moving around as you interact with and care for the dogs.

This position will also involve working the front desk including check in/out, answering the phone, and answering emails, etc.


  • Understanding of dog behavior (e.g. - play vs. aggression)
  • Good customer service skills, both in person and on the phone
  • Loves interacting and playing with groups of dogs (on a regular basis)
  • Reliability, Dependability, and Consistency
  • Basic computer skills
  • Willing to clean up after dogs and do basic cleaning
  • Ability to lift 50lbs
  • Ability to be on feet for entirety of shift
  • Must be able to clearly communicate with coworkers, including being able to speak loud enough to be heard over barking dogs.

Job Type:
  • Full-time

Daytime Shifts:
  • Mon- Fri: 7am - 4 pm or 12pm- 7 or 8 pm (end time varies depending on pick-ups)

Camp Pet Care Pro - Dog Day Care/Boarding Attendant

Must Love Dogs!

We are looking to add fun, high energy team members who want to become BFFs with dogs everyday!

This job requires full devotion to the care of our guests (dogs). You will get to learn about canine behavior and how to ensure they interact safely in pack environments. You will be on your feet all day, monitoring them and cleaning (and cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning!) to keep them healthy. You will also interact with the pet parents at the Front Desk and tell them about all the cute things their dog did during the day, as well as answering phone calls, making reservations

Please ONLY apply if you are truly interested in the job, and explain why you want to work with us in your resume.

Think Before Applying...

  • Must love dogs! If you are afraid of dogs, this is not the job for you. We do not have any breed or size restrictions
  • There is a lot of cleaning! And then recleaning! And recleaning again! We have professional cleaning procedures that help, but you will be on your feet during the entirety of your shift
  • Customer service is crucial. Our Pet Parents are just as important as our guests. We are a big family, which makes the job extra special
  • Flexible schedules are necessary. We work very hard to accommodate school and other job schedules, but we do not give set schedules. Schedules fluctuate due to occupancy and other requests off. We also do not put up with call offs and team members who are not reliable. We work at Camp to care for dogs. If we do not have appropriate staffing, we cannot give them the care they need. Our work hours are 6:30am to 7pm and 9pm-12am. We also are open on holidays. Shifts will be scheduled based on your request.

General Duties:
  • Feeding, cleaning of Cabins, play areas, common space (including break and restrooms)
  • Play Yard Monitoring, Cabin and Facility Maintenance
  • Greet and welcome all customers and guests in a friendly and professional manner
  • Assist customers with questions
  • Regularly demonstrate sincere concern for the care, attitudes, and behaviors of pets and the relationships they have with their pet parents
  • Recognize and perform specific care needs as communicated by the pet guardian and in accordance with company policy and procedures, ensuring the safety of each pet. This includes taking and writing special requirements on Care Cards for fellow Pet Care Pro adherence and edification
  • Supervise dogs in play yards at all times
  • Dog Health Checks throughout the day and notify management/supervisors of any changes in health or appearance of the dogs in our care
  • Recognize and immediately address signs of aggression or other behavior issues
  • Ensure that morning and afternoon waste elimination, rest, and snack breaks are provided consistently
  • Know how and when to use animal restraint
  • Become fluent in animal play behavior and signs of aggression to include overall pet safety.
  • Up-keep of yard areas (yes, that includes poop)
  • Janitorial duties: taking out of garbage, sweeping, mopping, restocking supplies, overall kennel cleaning maintenance
  • Additional general duties and project work as needed
  • Basic dog grooming
  • Accurate data entry
  • Keep up with basic health, vaccination and safety knowledge
  • Your responsibilities will not only include those specifically listed above but also those that follow common sense, industry best-practices and standards, pet, Pet Care Pro client safety, implied and/or otherwise not specified in writing

  • Must be able to handle dogs of all sizes and cats
  • Must enjoy working with both people and pets
  • Must have the stamina to walk energetic dogs as well as ensure our pet resort looks inviting and clean
  • Must have a flexible work schedule where you can work during the week, as well as, many weekends and holiday time frames
  • Must be able to follow directions and comply with processes and procedures
  • Must be reliable and professional
  • Must be able to perform physically demanding tasks; lift up to 50 lbs, stand for long periods
  • Knowledge of different breeds and body languages of dogs a plus
  • Knowledge of dogs in a group setting preferred but not required

Employee Benefits:
  • Coffee/tea/hot chocolate/filtered water available to employees during their shifts
  • Free parking during your shifts
  • We provide uniform shirts at no cost, unless you decide to purchase them at the end of your employment or if you need additional uniforms

Job Types:
  • Full-time, Part-time

  • Morning (Preferred)
  • Evening (Preferred)

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